Non-Aseptic Lyophilization

Bioserv offers custom contract non-aseptic lyophilization services. Our pilot scale, multi-shelf non-aseptic 24 cubic foot HULL-24 lyophilization equipment which is located in an uncontrolled suite provides pilot scale or small scale commercial production quantities. In addition, Bioserv’s highly skilled technicians understand the best way to remove water from the product to help maximize reconstitution time, minimize lyophilization cycle time, and promote product stability which are important requirements for producing the highest quality lyophilized product. Bioserv’s advanced computer controlled, fully programmable lyophilization systems are managed by rigorous cGMP calibration, maintenance, and validation programs.

The HULL-24 can accommodate 2mL to 100mL bottles with batch sizes up to 5,000 vials.