Non-Aseptic Liquids

Non-Aseptic liquid filling is another Bioserv core competency. Our skilled and highly-trained technicians are capable of managing unique formulation procedures, fill tolerances, and special handling requirements during a non-aseptic filling project. Our Class 100,000 (Class 8 or Class D) formulation and compounding rooms and uncontrolled laboratory suites ensure that our customer’s products maintain highest quality standards throughout the manufacturing process. In addition, Bioserv conducts all filling operations by hand using Flexicon Filling Stations and validated non-aseptic liquid filling procedures.

Bioserv can fill non-sterile liquids into the following containers:

  • Vials 2mL to 100mL
  • Cryo-vials* 0.5mL to 2mL
  • Bottles 2mL to 500mL
  • IV Bags 500mL to 20L
  • Syringes 1mL to 20mL

* e.g. Matrix™ 2D labeled cryostorage tubes

Matrix is a trademark of Thermo Scientific™