Bioserv’s mission statement

Bioserv will strive for excellence to meet our client’s needs. We will take responsibility to meet those needs and to measure our success against all applicable regulations and standards as part of our dedication to maintain the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.

Bioserv Corporation was originally founded by Jeanne and Glenn Dunham in 1988 as a small boutique contract manufacturing organization (CMO) servicing the pharmaceutical, medical diagnostics, medical device, biotechnology, and life science reagents industries.

Today, Bioserv is a leading boutique contract manufacturing service provider with over 35,000 square feet of facilities whose core competencies are centered in aseptic and non-aseptic bulk formulation; filtration; filling; stoppering; lyophilization services; labeling; finished goods assembly; kitting and packaging; as well as controlled temperature storage and distribution services to support Pre-Clinical, Phase I and II Clinical Trial drug products, medical device reagents, medical diagnostic reagents and kits, and life science reagents. In addition, Bioserv’s project management and technology transfer services helps clients optimize their manufacturing timelines and schedules to assure that manufacturing operations perform seamlessly and product is delivered on time.

Summary of Core Competencies:

  • Aseptic & Non-Aseptic Liquid Filling
  • Aseptic & Non-Aseptic Powder Filling
  • Aseptic & Non-Aseptic Lyophilization
  • Microfluidization & Emulsions
  • High-Shear Mixing
  • Open Labeling Services
  • Kitting & Finished Goods Packaging
  • Blinding & Randomization Services
  • Controlled Temperature Storage
  • Distribution

To find out more information regarding Bioserv Corporation and our cGMP manufacturing capabilities, contact Business Development.